what to write

Today is Sunday and I have not written for a couple of day. I find myself in a quandary of what to write today, so I felt to simply get started and see what comes out. It is a gorgeous day here in Central Oregon, blue sky, slight breeze and 43 degrees when I got up this morning. They say it will be 83 today and that is quite a difference. Ok, this is not a weather report, but more my muse on this quiet day. What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Well, I had a nice breakfast to get my mind going and will enjoy some tea and coffee. Overthinking is a real issue at times and I don’t think of myself as analytical yet I can put my mind in a tailspin. Now I’m settling down and talking to you. Sometimes you need to get up and do a couple of chores to get those off your mind, so I do. At times, my kitty cat, Tobe decides for me telling me it’s time to feed him his special treat or bug me until I plop down in my recliner for a break. Writing in my journal helps me immensely to untangle the thoughts that can run rampant. It also helps to stop and just listen to the peace around me and be grateful. Gratitude has a way to changing things and is a powerful antidote to worry or over analysis. I’m wondering what you do when you don’t know what to do. Feel free to comment and let me know your go to place. I’ll be back soon….

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