be you!

Are you able to just be yourself? Most of us may think we are being ourselves, but often, we are mimicking someone we’ve seen on TV or in our lives. So many people live to please others and don’t know how to be who they are because they don’t know.

Not too long ago, I wrote about the runaway bride who didn’t even know what kind of eggs she liked. I can relate. I spent so much of my life not knowing who I am and what I really like.

It takes a lot of courage to step out of that box of what we think is certainty into the unknown of life. I am not particularly adventurous and not a real fan of change and the unknown in life. Who is? Some folks love it I am sure, but not me, at least I haven’t been.

Is there anyone else like you? Not even twins are 100% alike. Are you brave enough to take that risk to find out what you like in life and who you are? Many never know, ever. I’m not willing to stay static and be a people pleaser.

Once I took a personality profile test. It showed I had the personality of a golden retriever. Wow, so that hit home but I didn’t start to see change in my life for a while. I’ve been in many uncomfortable situations personally and professionally. But let’s focus on the personal here.

Maybe I can give you an example. Our basic personalities and identities are formed at a very early age. Children learn by mimesis. They imitate Their parents and others they are around. We keep doing that as we grow.

So, since we learn from others as children, how do we step out and learn who we are as adults? Well, maybe like the runaway bride and the eggs, you may need to start asking yourself some questions and by trial and error see what lights your fire.

For me, I used to go to eat Chinese food frequently with someone. They liked it and I went along and never considered that it wasn’t enjoyable. I was “pleasing” the other person and going along to get along. Yep, that’s right. Now, I know and have not had any for several years.

Bottom line, ask yourself some tough questions. If you’re not happy, why? If you find that you are dressing, eating or doing anything you would prefer not to, make a break and be honest first of all with yourself.

You are awesome, wonderful and amazing. Just BE YOU…..

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