The word “emergence” is not one I have used in my vocabulary much if ever. The photo here is one of a beautiful painting done by a friend who asked me to name it prior to giving it to me. The word ‘emergence’ popped out of my mouth without giving it a thought.

The Angel is another new addition to my home and the two simply belong together. When I was presented with this painting, I was also asked what I saw. We all see things differently and I saw an angel coming out of the water. You may have a different perspective of course.

Now why am I writing about the word ‘emergence’? First of all the meaning of the word is ‘the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed’ and ‘the process of coming into being or of becoming important or prominent’.

We all go through stages and phases in our lives. I’m in one of those times. I’ve always loved butterflies and once the butterfly is ready, it emerges from it’s cocoon. Flowers, when they come up, emerge out of the ground. It is the same with us as people. When a baby is born, it emerges from the mother into this world. Emergence is a beautiful thing.

Tough times in our lives can make us want to stay in our cocoon, in the ground, in our own womb of sorts. I know I have days, today being one, I want to hide, stay in bed and close off everything. That can be necessary at times as we need to pull back and regenerate and refresh from life.

There is a time we help ourselves by doing what Punxsutawney Phil, (I had to look that one up) the groundhog does and come out to see if the sun is shining. Don’t be afraid to practice a bit of “EMERGENCE’ once in a while when you want to stay burrowed in. It’s all about balance isn’t it? It’s time to come up for air….

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