Thank you for coming back to visit my blog. What does contemplation mean? Here are some definitions I found. The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time; deep reflective thought; the state of being thought about or planned.

It’s all about deep thought, consideration, meditation. The photo shows where I often sit and contemplate what to write and always where I journal. You see my friend Cowboy who was visiting when I had the photo taken. He loves to contemplate a nap and I must admit, it happens to me too!

Life gets so hectic and crazy. I worked in a large retirement home for over 5 years as an activity director for the independent residents. It was amazing to me how busy they could stay. Often they would tell me they were busier in their retirement than they were when they were working. That is not uncommon. Maybe we are more ‘together’ or organized when we are working a job.

Why contemplate? Why meditate? I may as well ask, why bother to breathe. In a world that is overwhelmed with social media and entertainment, people find themselves exhausted from the many distractions around them. Journaling is something I have done off and on for about 20 years with periods of time missing from my journals. Life got in the way.

Contemplation doesn’t mean navel gazing if you will pardon the analogy. You can simply sit on your front porch and consider the beauty of the sites and sounds around you. If you didn’t have your eyesight or hearing, your ability to contemplate would be different and with that said, contemplate how thankful you are that you can see and hear.

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