This week I had a chance to purge my closet. I was somewhat motivated by receiving 3 large boxes of beautiful clothes from a dear friend in North Carolina. With all the gifts, I was able to sift through my own stash in my closet and pass on some things I had been carrying around for some time and no longer wear. Plus I had received so many, I could give some of those away as well.

In a recent move I did the same thing and had comments from a couple of friends on how many clothes I owned. I had handed down, passed on at least half of what I had and still had an abundance.

I am often given items others cannot use any longer or they simply want me to have it. How wonderful is that! I pass on what I don’t use or need so others can enjoy it.

Why do I write this? It’s part of my life and in my attempt to be courageous by being transparent. Life is good and I am blessed to say the least. I love to write and I love to help others in as many ways as possible.

Hand me downs. Now that is a phrase many heard growing up. If you had older siblings you may have been the recipient of their previously worn jeans, shirt, and more. I was the second oldest of four children and the older one was a boy and thankfully I didn’t have to wear his hand me downs.

I learned to sew at 8 years old and was taught by my beautiful Aunt Hettie, who I’ve talked about in earlier blogs. She was a professional tailor so I was schooled by the best at an early age. I made my own clothes from high school on until I was able to buy store bought, but always loved to sew. I’m sure some of those items went to others as hand me downs.

Hand me downs are not a bad thing. Remember the phrase, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? Not to say what we give away could be considered trash, but not useful by that one who passes it on.

You are a treasure my dear readers, a true gem. If you ever feel passed over or handed down as second rate, it’s time to not compare yourself to others. Be you, do what you love, pursue your passion. I just read this quote and want to share it: “let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray” ~rumi.

Enjoy being you….

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