Here’s a bit of a different blog for you my friends and readers. I just recently had a new series of head shots taken and she was so creative as to want to capture some of me working. She snapped so many shots that I was curious how many. Over 800 and she sent me about 100 or so to decide which ones I liked. I selected 75, yes you heard me right.

She asked me while I was being a subject to her camera if I liked having my picture taken. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Like most people, I am overly conscious of seeing myself in pictures. Do you like looking at yourself? If not, why? Over the years I have started to like myself more but no matter how handsome or gorgeous someone is, they will always find a flaw in how they look.

Ask yourself what you like about you? Too often and too much we see what we don’t like. As a personal development trainer and coach, I give my clients an assignment to list 10 strengths and 10 weaknesses. Without fail, everyone has little to no trouble listing their weaknesses. However, when it comes to their strengths, some have taken 6 months to find some. I also ask them to fill out a worksheet on toot your own horn. That one is a doozy too.

Do you like yourself? Can you say you even love yourself? My encouragement to you is to find the good in YOU. That’s the road less traveled in my opinion. I made myself do the assignment so I had to taste my own medicine. More that in years past, I can say I do like myself and even love myself most days. Become your own best friend. Accept yourself flaws and all.

Let go of insecurity of who and how you are and enjoy being you. Life is far too short. Now go look in the mirror, look in your own eyes and tell yourself “I like you”!

Get going…

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