How’s that for a blog title? While visiting with a couple of great friends the other day, we were talking about life in general and how we have things surprise us. As we were chatting, I said those very words that potholes and speed bumps pop up.

Interestingly enough, they have the opposite effect. Potholes cause us to drop suddenly and speed bumps cause us to go up. The potholes are not designed but are damage to a road or highway that occur over time from use. And speed bumps are man made to slow us down.

Now as I write, I don’t know where I am going with this. I rarely sit down with my thoughts entirely in tact and all the details sorted out, so please stick with me.

What does it feel like to hit a pothole? There are potholes that are huge that when we drop we know it. Then there’s the slight drop of a little pothole. Have you experienced what feels like a pothole in life? A sudden drop that throws you off your game? I have! Sometimes we see them coming and at other times it’s a ‘wham’ and you wonder what you just hit.

What are the potholes and speed bumps in your life? Potholes can be tiny or huge causing a major disaster when your vehicle hits one. In life they can also be a minor dip or a disastrous drop. Potholes that are small in life can simply be an inconvenience and the big ones, well, those can be life changing.

The speed bumps slow us down when we are traveling on the road or in our daily lives. They can be helpful to cause us to pay attention to what is going on around us. If you ignore those, you’ll more than likely damage your car on the road and in life basically the same thing.

If we are paying attention, we will see both of these coming. However, if you are too distracted they will catch you off guard. Check out your life and see where you may have hit one of these. It may be time to slow your roll as they say and look further ahead.

Eyes open….

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