Today I want to chat about reflections of the old. I hope this speaks to you. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and want the newest and latest, be it a car, a computer, cell phone or even a new look.

This beautiful photo was taken recently by one of my clients who came to my home to take my head shots. This is a very old China Hutch with antique cut glass on display. This hutch was badly damaged when it was moved over 20 years ago. I came to own it when my Mom gave it to me. It was given to her by my great Aunt Hettie. I grew up seeing this upon every visit back to Petersburg, Virginia.

The damage done was bad enough to not be able to repair it. The door to the hutch was busted and the glass shattered. But to me, it is beautiful just as it is. For years I have carried around and protected the pieces to have it repaired. However, as I write, I am deciding to let this antique be as it is and discard the broken pieces all together or maybe let someone make something special from them for me.

Can we accept the beauty that is us in spite of the broken and missing pieces? Most of us want to “fix” what we don’t like. I get that and I often feel the same way. That is not to say that we shouldn’t make attempts to take care of ourselves and feel good. It starts with looking at who we are right now and loving us just as we are.

This gorgeous piece of furniture has a distinct, warm and inviting history. So do you and I. We all have a history and a story to tell. This lovely hutch holds old and special memories. The cut glass was used to serve on all special occasions and holidays. It also traveled across country with me over 11 years ago and that brings back a different set of memories. They all make me smile.

I encourage you to see yourself perfect as you are. Yes, if you want to change something, do it. Loving your old and broken pieces is the place to start. We all age so do it with grace and love yourself. And by the way, that old hutch has a mirror in it.

A reflection of the old…

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