keeping it light

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday this Memorial Day weekend. Where I am in Central Oregon, it is lovely. Wispy clouds with a slight breeze and perfect temperature.

Are you keeping it light? It can be so easy to slip into a mindset of heaviness and not see the beauty around us in people and creation.

I love hot air balloons and one day will have that opportunity to soar ever so gently and smoothly above the earth. For now, I’ll use my imagination. I love this photo because it appears to be suspended above the sun.

Can you close your eyes and escape? To keep it light may take some creativity on your part and it does for me as well. I have a coffee mug that reads “Something beautiful is on the horizon” and it truly is.

No matter where you are or what is going on in your life, pause and see something beautiful. You can change your horizon and venture out in your mind to create a life above what you see.

Venture out even if it is only in your mind’s eye. A quote from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, “Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.”

Can you see it???

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