Do you love surprises? I do. Well, of course, happy surprises, not so much the other kind. I remember my only surprise birthday party. It was planned by my boyfriend and my mom for my 16th birthday. It really was a very special one.

Some people don’t like any kind of surprise. I personally don’t know that I know anyone like that. I like getting cards and gifts as surprises and happy moments that surprise me as well. There are all kind of surprises in life. I also like to know some things ahead of time and stability. I’ve been watching some episodes of Undercover Boss. That is such a great show. So many of the bosses give lavishly to the employees they work with to better their lives. I just watched one a few minutes ago that changed the lives of four people. It is inspiring how one person can affect another and a simple surprise alters their life for good going forward. Maybe we can reach out and change a life and make a difference. How about a surprise smile for a stranger; a hug for someone who needs love; a card sent to say I’m thinking about you; a hand to hold onto in a tough time and a word of encouragement to someone feeling sad or down. You can make a difference in so many ways. Be open to being surprised and surprising someone soon. Reach out…

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